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TMXEditor is an open source cross-platform desktop application designed for editing TMX (Translation Memory eXchange) files on macOS, Linux or Microsoft Windows.

TMX is a standard XML-based format used for exchanging Translation Memories used by CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) tools.

Multilingual by design, TMXEditor allows you to work with any language combination, without restricting you to just a source and target pair at a time.

Source Code is Open

The source code of TMXEditor is available under Eclipse Public License v1.0 at Anyone can download the source code, compile, modify and use it at no cost in compliance with the accompanying license terms.

Convert Excel File to TMX

TMXEditor Features

With TMXEditor you can:

  • Edit segments of your TMX file to correct errors.
  • Merge & split TMX files.
  • Add and remove languages from a TMX file.
  • Change languages in a TMX file.
  • Remove duplicates.
  • Remove untranslated units.
  • Remove inline tags.
  • Trim initial and trailing spaces.
  • Consolidate translation units when the TMX file has three or more languages.
  • Validate TMX files.
  • Clean invalid XML characters from a TMX file.
  • Convert to TMX format
    • Excel files
    • CSV or TAB delimited files
    • SDLTM files from Trados Studio
  • Export TMX files as
    • Excel files
    • TAB Delimited files
TMXEditor on Windows
TMXEditor running on Windows