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Translation Software Based on Open Standards

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Swordfish + RemoteTM = Team Translation

  • Use Swordfish to translate in any platform: Windows, macOS (Intel and Apple M1/M2) or Linux.
  • Share Translation Memories and glossaries over the web with your teammates using our free RemoteTM server.


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Edit your TMX files, large or small, with TMXEditor on Windows, Linux or macOS.

TMXEditor is a cross-platform application that works with any language combination.

TMXEditor running on Windows

TMXEditor running on Windows

Swordfish Translation Editor

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An advanced Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tool based on open standards, supporting MS Office, DITA, HTML and other document formats.

Swordfish uses TM (Translation Memory) and MT (Machine Translation). Supports In-Context Exact Matches, segment filtering, customization and more.

Swordfish running on Windows

Translating in Swordfish

Fluenta DITA Translation Manager

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Fluenta is an open source tool designed to simplify the translation and localization of DITA projects by combining two open standards from OASIS: DITA and XLIFF.

Fluenta running on Windows 11

Fluenta running on Windows 11

Stingray Document Aligner

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Generate translation memories in TMX 1.4, TAB delimited or Excel format from existing translated material.

TMX memories created with Stingray can be used in any CAT tool. TAB delimited files can be opened in Microsoft Excel without special configuration.

Stingray running on Windows

Stingray on Windows