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Swordfish is an advanced CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tool based on open standards, designed for demanding professional translators.

Swordfish supports exchanging TMX (Translation Memory eXchange), the vendor-neutral open XML standard for the exchange of Translation Memory (TM) data created by Computer Aided Translation (CAT) and localization tools, originally published by LISA (Localisation Industry Standards Association).

Source Code is Open

The source code of Swordfish IV is available under Eclipse Public License v1.0 at Anyone can download the source code, compile, modify and use it at no cost in compliance with the accompanying license terms.

Translating a Word file with Swordfish IV

Supported File Formats

General Documentation

  • Adobe InCopy ICML
  • Adobe InDesign Interchange (INX)
  • Adobe InDesign IDML CS4, CS5, CS6 & CC
  • HTML
  • Microsoft Office (2007 and newer)
  • Microsoft Visio XML Drawings (2007 and newer)
  • MIF (Maker Interchange Format)
  • OpenOffice / LibreOffice / StarOffice
  • Plain Text
  • SDLXLIFF (Trados Studio)
  • SRT Subtitles
  • Trados Studio Packages (*.sdlppx)
  • TXML (GlobalLink/WordfastPRO)
  • WPML XLIFF (WordPress Multilingual Plugin)

XML Formats

  • XML (Generic)
  • DITA 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3
  • DocBook 3.x, 4.x and 5.x
  • SVG
  • Word 2003 ML

Software Development

  • JavaScript
  • Java Properties
  • JSON
  • PO (Portable Objects)
  • RC (Windows C/C++ Resources)
  • ResX (Windows .NET Resources)
  • TS (Qt Linguist translation source)

Compatible with other CAT tools

Swordfish supports the most common formats used for exchanging translations:

  • XLIFF Directly accepts version 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and 2.0
  • SDLXLIFF SDL Trados Studio XLIFF files
  • Accepts Trados Studio packages (*.sdlppx) and creates return packages (*.sdlrpx)
  • TXLF / mqXLIFF Native support for XLIFF files from WordfastPRO and MemoQ
  • TXML Full support for Wordfast PRO and GlobalLink files.

Complete Segment Filtering

Swordfish lets translators hide/show segments filtering on multiple status options, like: is translatable, has translation, has comments, is approved, etc.

Comfortable Proofreading

Swordfish generates HTML views from XLIFF files that lets translators/reviewers proof read comfortably in the system's default web browser.

Advanced Translation Engines

Swordfish includes two translation engines:

  • A "traditional" TM (Translation Memory) system that provides exceptional matching
  • "Auto-Translation", an exclusive technology that assembles matches from regular TM databases and Terminology databases

Additionally, Swordfish supports these external Machine Translation (MT) Engines:

  • Azure Translator Text
  • DeepL API
  • Google Cloud Translation
  • MyMemory API
  • Yandex Translate API