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Supported Platforms

Our products are cross-platform by design and work on the following operating systems:

  • - Windows (7, 8 and 10)
  • - Mac OS X (10.7/10.8/10.9/10.10)
  • - Linux (i386 and x86_64)

Cross-platform solutions for the Translation Industry

  • Swordfish Translation Editor

    Swordfish Logo

    Swordfish III is an advanced CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tool based on XLIFF 1.2 open standard, designed for demanding professional translators.

    Swordfish III features include filters for multiple document formats, full support for TMX standard, In-Context Exact Matches, versatile TM and Terminology databases, flexible licensing, segment filtering, shortcuts customization and more.


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  • Fluenta DITA Translation Manager

    Fluenta logo

    Fluenta is a tool designed to simplify the translation of DITA projects.

    Fluenta is able to parse a DITA map, resolving the references to all topics and subtopics, preparing a unified XLIFF file that you can send to your Language Sevice Provider (LSP).

    Fluenta implements the procedure for translating DITA projects recommentded by the OASIS DITA Adoption TC.

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  • RemoteTM WebServer

    LanServer Logo

    RemoteTM WebServer is TM server designed for sharing the super fast Internal database engine used in Swordfish III in network environments.

    With RemoteTM you can share your data on the Internet (WAN) and also in a Local Area Network (LAN).


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  • Stingray Document Aligner

    Stingray Logo

    Stingray is a cross-platform document aligner designed to assist professional translators in the production of translation memories from existing translated material.

    Translation memories in TMX, CSV or Trados TXT format generated by Stingray can be used in most modern CAT (Computer Aided Translation) programs, including Swordfish.


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Latest News

September 1, 2015
RemoteTM 3.0-1 released.

July 27, 2015
Fluenta 1.0-0 released.

July 15, 2015
Swordfish III (3.2-5)

Better Together

Combine Swordfish III with RemoteTM and enjoy the best solution for translation teams.

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